Hole 10

Par 4
Black 381
White 381
Yellow 365
Red 334
The 10th at 381 yards is within range for the big boys given the right conditions but missing it right brings a big bunker and deep rough into play and there are some big sand dunes left. A good straight drive will make birdie a real possibility.

Hole 11

Par 4
Black 432
White 432
Yellow 418
Red 377 (par 5)
A strong par four of 432 yards and a slight dogleg with a big ridge in the fairway which looks plenty big enough but seems to be hard to hit although a slight draw off the tee is the best option. There’s a ditch right and also one behind the green, so don’t be long, but also be aware of the fact there are two bunkers both left and right of the green.

Hole 12

Par 4
Black 419
White 419
Yellow 408
Red 364
The clue is in name and it is a dog-leg right to left with a ditch all way down the left and a nest of three bunkers on the elbow of the dog-leg and another three guard the green.

Hole 13

Par 4
Black 399
White 389
Yellow 373
Red 351
The new elevated tee has turned this hole into a cracker bringing the two left hand fairway bunkers right into play and there is also a ridge on the right and with lots of dunes – a real traditional links hole, Miss it right it’s tough but get it right and it’s an immense feeling of reward to walk off with a par.

Hole 14

Par 4
Black 431
White 387
Yellow 379
Red 287
Considered the signature hole, this 431 yard par four is a dog-leg right to left with out of bounds all the way along the right. There’s a pond to catch the mishit or pulled shot left and a bunker right at the green which is quite difficult to stay on. A real testing par four and stroke one.

Hole 15

Par 3
Black 179
White 179
Yellow 172
Red 118
The start of a tough run of three holes. There are no bunkers on this par three but it’s quite a long tee shot which needs to be a bit of a fade but if you overdo it there is trouble in the shape of a water hazard.

Hole 16

Par 4
Black 347
White 347
Yellow 340
Red 324
Another demanding tee shot and a fade is the best option. The pond on the left shouldn’t really come into play but the two bunkers there will although there is more room out there than you think. It is another hard green to hold and it’s not a good idea to be long here.

Hole 17

Par 4
Black 394
White 393
Yellow 381
Red 309
A dog-leg right to left with three bunkers on the elbow and a ditch all the way along the right which will catch a long fade or push. There are three bunkers guarding the green and don’t be long and left as there is another ditch there.

Hole 18

Par 5
Black 510
White 510
Yellow 501
Red 422
A chance to finish with a birdie. There is out of bounds left near the green and the bunker front right of the green is a horror and must be avoided. Two good hits should do the trick at this slight right to left dog-leg, but don’t overdo the second as there are some severe slopes to the right and another bunker. It is reachable in two but two solid shots will leave and easy pitch.