Hole 1

Par 3
Black 168
White 168
Yellow 166
Red 147
Not many courses start with a par three – but there are some famous ones like Royal Lytham – and it is a bit of a test to face a short hole straight off and at 168 yards, the first at Cleveland is no pushover and it’s essential not to miss the green right with two bunkers waiting. There’s also one guarding the green left but a decent six iron should run up nicely.

Hole 2

Par 5
Black 541
White 499
Yellow 497
Red 390
It might be unusual to start with a par three and it’s also unusual to follow it with a par five but a possible bogey at the first is followed by a definite birdie chance provided you hit the fairway. If you’re going to miss it, don’t miss it left where there is deep rough and out of bounds although that’s a long way left. Avoid the four bunkers of the right and it’s a real scoring chance.

Hole 3

Par 4
Black 440
White 416
Yellow 408
Red 360
The first par four is a tough one at 440 yards and well worth it’s stroke two rating. The new tee box makes the out of bounds left much more of concern but the best tee shot is a slight draw, but don’t overdo it and there are three fairway bunkers awaiting a mishit. Do the right thing and a good approach will make par a possibility.

Hole 4

Par 5
Black 549
White 549
Yellow 529
Red 475
The second par five is another birdie chance although there is out of bounds left and then a water hazard, but if you miss it right the rough can be pretty tough, but hit the fairway and it’s reachable in two or two steady hits will make a short pitch and putt a good option.

Hole 5

Par 4
Black 427
White 427
Yellow 418
Red 360
Another tough 400 yards plus par four with a slightly blind uphill tee shot and the drive is key as it needs to be right up there and on the right with three bunkers on the left to catch the hook. Many think this hole could be worth the stroke one index rather than four.

Hole 6

Par 3
Black 168
White 168
Yellow 160
Red 143
This is not an easy par three and proves short holes don’t have to be 200 yards plus to provide a test. There are three bunkers on the right and one on the left and the preferred option is often to try and pitch it short, one line and run it up the green which slopes a bit from front to back.

Hole 7

Par 4
Black 386
White 346
Yellow 336
Red 291
Allegedly the easiest hole on the course with a stroke index of 18, but a new tee box brings the new mounding very much into play and catches anything right or sliced while the bunker left is also in play off the back tee. However, a good drive will leave a straightforward short pitch to the green.

Hole 8

Par 5
Black 552
White 510
Yellow 494
Red 340 (par 4)
At 552 yards off the back, this is the hardest par five on the course. There’s a fairway bunker down the right which is right on the drive mark plus a ditch all the way down the right and thick rough on the left. There are also no fewer than 10 bunkers guarding the green, eight of them in two nests of four, one group right by the green. Avid that little lot and you might have a chance of making par.

Hole 9

Par 3
Black 198
White 184
Yellow 171
Red 153
Quite a long tee shot and it can be hard to hold the green although it slopes from back to front and there is a very deep pot bunker to the right which must be avoided.