The online booking system went live on Friday 20th June 2020
Terms & Conditions For Online Booking
From Thursday 18th June 2020 the casual online booking system will be trialled to allow online bookings. The Pro shop will still be taking telephone bookings for members who cannot book online.
This will be a trial during COVID 19 restrictions.
Bookings will be available up to 14 days in advance for members and 4 days for visitors, EXCLUDING SATURDAYS.
Online booking will go live at 07.00hr each day (after initial 14-day period) telephone bookings will remain at 08.30 each day. You can still make booking in person at the Pro shop.
The initial 14 days will be available for you to book your golf as you wish in order to populate the initial two weeks.
One member may book up to 4 people per tee slot – EXCLUDING SATURDAYS. The person booking must play in that group, the Administrator can and will check who is booking.
Going forward the system is a two-week rolling program.
Saturday competition online & telephone booking will go live on a Wednesday night at 17.00
When the clubhouse is back in full operation the Wednesday sheet will be re-instigated as before lockdown.
This is a trial period and we may need to make changes as and when required.
You are reminded that people must check in prior to playing and maintain social distancing.
To access the system download ClubV1 app and link to Cleveland Golf Club, then booking option.
Should you have a problem connecting it may be that we do not have your correct email address in the ClubV1 system. Send it in to




🚨🚨🚨 Notice for members 🚨🚨🚨

We are looking to bring Online Booking for members tee times. We will announce directions when we are hoping to go live with this service in the coming days.

Firstly all we would ask if you could give your email address to the Professional Shop so they can pass your information to the club officials.

If any members would like to download the app it’s called Club Members V1 Hub to become familiar with the layout of the app.


COVID 19 – Coronavirus Update:

12th May 2020

A new page has been created for information relating to the activities of the club during the COVID-19 pandemic, please click the following link to view this page COVID – 19

24th March 2020

Following the announcement at 20:30 on 23rd March 2020 by the Prime Minister we have taken the decision to temporarily close Cleveland Golf Club in-line with the guidance given.

The Greenstaff will be removing the flags, and filling in the holes. We have already been carrying  out maintenance operations  regarding the greens and other areas on the course in the previous weeks work to give us a head start as we all knew this was coming. However as we are dealing with nature this can change at a drop of a hat. 

Hopefully this time will pass quickly and we will see you back at the Club! 

Most importantly please stay safe & well everyone!

National guidance from England Golf can be seen by clicking on the following link: